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civil Division
Welcome to the Civil Division section of our website. We have helpful information for both plaintiffs and defendants, and for both the local legal community and pro pers representing themselves in court.
Effective Oct. 6, 2014: See Standing Order Re: Proper Courthouse for Filing Small Claims and Civil Actions
Bag Suede Shoulder LONI Glam Ivory Glam Faux LONI Faux Clutch Case Information
Access online civil case or calendar information on our Case Information Portal .

Note: Court documents (pleadings, etc.) are not available online. Read about viewing or copying case docketsEddany three Eddany Bag three Tote words Tote Bag Canvas Canvas words Bloodhound Bloodhound qwRAp.

Civil OverviewCase TypesUD (Landlord/Tenant)ADR (Mediation)Civil Harassment

"Civil" cases involve violation of private rights rather than violation of criminal law. A civil matter involves a lawsuit in which one party sues another to recover money or property, to enforce a contract or an obligation, to collect damages for injury or to protect some civil right.

For information on the difference between civil and small claims cases, review the comparison table in the Small Claims Self-Help section of this website.

Civil cases in Santa Clara County are heard in the Downtown Superior Court, the Old Courthouse, and the South County Courthouse.

For information on Complex Civil Litigation E-Filing, visit our E-Filing page.

Calendar and case information for Civil cases (as well as other case types) is available from the Court's Case Information Portal .

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